Clothes make people - facade designs with Starwall make the building - Make your mark!

Due to the endless possibilities, you can dress up your home in almost any garment that at the same time meets the "fire protection class A" with its high requirements and all of it still with "100% graffiti protection" and 100% green and recycable! Whether stone décor, wooden décor or any other desired and "individual design" up to your personal and therefore unique "graphic or photo template". Only with us with STARWALL façade designs, façade renovations or façade rehabilitations, make your property into a one of a kind with our patented multi-colour UV print, for example on Eternit boards as a curtain-wallfaçade with air space!

Thousands of eyes are focused on you!

Use your Parkinggarage, company or residential building as an advertising medium for your company and where and who you are with suitable individual façade advertising or a façade design. The full-faced design of façades with STARWALL is highly visible, catches everyone's eyes who passes by your building and, due to the multi-coloured printed fibre-cement panels, offers virtually unlimited design possibilities. 


Starwall makes PARKING-SLOTS brighter, more friendly, more economic, and safer abreates impressiv brand worlds with added value for all ! Your parking garage gets more attractive and on plus your visitors will like it because its a perfekt orientation-help.


Due to the additional integration of light and even sound, outdoor advertising with STARWALL will become the top allocation with the highest attention and memory value – especially in underground car parks of department stores and shopping malls.

Increase the value of your property without added costs.

Increase the frequenting of your car park with the benefits of the STARWALL-Concept.

Secure profits by renting out advertising space on STARWALL and stop costs for renovations

Advertising becomes a orientation-guide with STARWALL - thus has a recall value of 95% !


STOP always expensive parking garage renovations! With STARWALL you turn typical renovation costs in parking garages to a revenue stream, through secure running advertising revenue!  

Display a flexible and impressive presence!