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That's how easy it is to get started with your trade fair stand online at MESSENONLINE24 in just a few steps:

1. Register and select package from 139,- € / month

2. Set up your trade fair stand easily and select your trade fair themes

3. Benefit immediately from > 12 million network-visitors to MessenOnline24 p.A. and generate new leads immediately !


By virtually supplementing or replacing traditional trade and public fairs, we offer you as a trade fair exhibitor or trade fair organizer an effective solution to be present with your customers 365 days a year. In the digital age, online trade fairs are positioning themselves as the perfect link between real trade fairs and the Internet or as a replacement and thus as the ideal communication platform for acquiring new customers and expanding your reach

Of course, you can also set a direct link from your website to your exhibition stand and vice versa from your stand and each product directly to your desired page. Use the unique template concept of MessenOnline24 and generate new leads and contacts immediately


Here, at a glance, you will find the most important information and arguments to convince you of the advantages of this important and future-oriented marketing instrument:


In principle, online trade fair stands are suitable for all freelancers, service providers and small and medium-sized enterprises as a future-oriented communication platform. In particular, they benefit from this:

  • All exhibitors and organizers of real trade fairs who want to be optimally prepared for the hybrid trade fair future through the virtual expansion of their respective trade fair presence and want to generate a multiple of reach and leads.
  • Entrepreneurs who, for reasons of cost or time, do not yet or no longer participate as exhibitors at a real trade fair but want to profit from the marketing instrument of trade fairs
  • Entrepreneurs who already operate affordable online advertising measures, such as Google AdWords. You convert a small part of your budget into a more effective, topic-specific way of gaining customers and also profit from the following additional traffic on your own website
  • Companies that discover the new playing field of the internet for themselves and therefore
  • are already among the winners of the new digital age!

Online trade fairs offer your company the ideal combination of real trade fairs and the endless possibilities of the Internet.

  • You will always remain up-to-date, as you can exchange, supplement or expand your products and services during the entire term. (We are also happy to take over the support for you)
  • You receive qualified visitors who are looking for your products or services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • Contacts are retained longer - a significantly greater purchase intention is created
  • The existing range is increased disproportionately and thus automatically additional new contacts or leads are won
  • You lead targeted visitors to your own website, sales or shop areas and immediately ensure an additional turnover and profit multiplier through more traffic

Your personal online exhibition stand has perfect and sophisticated communication technology, at the highest technical level.

  • You get into a quick dialogue and exchange of information and offers with your stand visitors.
  • Easy integration of all common file formats such as jpg, pdf, png, movie, etc.
  • Your trade fair stand is thus multimedia and communicative on all levels via 3D renderings and 3D animations, which make your trade fair stand appear real and tangible 365 days a year, including your company's CI
  • You convey to the visitors the feeling of being in the middle of your exhibition stand or company
  • Real contacts by live communication via chat, forum, auditorium, video live contact. These enable you to have an intensive and personal exchange with interested parties and existing customers

Your personal trade fair presence has perfect and familiar communication technology at its disposal, at the latest technical level.

  • You can enter into a quick dialogue with your stand visitors and exchange information without your visitors or you having to download software.
  • Integration of all common file formats such as jpg, pdf, png, video, etc
  • Using common and widespread communication channels such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsAppChat, etc. which make your booth look very real and tangible by including your own personal content and communication channels
  • Real live communication via chat, forum, auditorium and live videos using common tools

The MESSENONLINE24 concept is currently the only online trade fair portal on the market that offers you a visitor guarantee.

  • We guarantee our exhibitors 10,000 qualified stand visitors* (within 12 months). * Only applicable for BUSINESS and PREMIUM stands
  • If the number of visitors is not reached, you will receive a retroactive refund of your monthly fees based on our money-back guarantee
  • The repayment is independent of which customers or sales you have gained in the course of the contract period
  • The visitor numbers are during and after the end of the contract period via live visitor counters for you to see at any time in real time!

Online trade fairs and online trade fair stands

You too can rely on an easy-to-understand, transparent and manageable customer acquisition and retention system with a guarantee of success. Benefit immediately from over 12 million network-visitors to MessenOnline24 and the entire Network and be prepared for the hybrid trade fair future. Start increasing your reach and generating new leads today.

Setting up your online trade fair stand is quick and uncomplicated via our unique template concept or in the premium package by our support team. Programming knowledge or software downloads are not required!


>>>The GTC, prices and general terms of use (legal information) can be found here <<<