Sicherheits und Detektivbüro Wensauer SDW GmbH

Detective Institute - Observations, also flowing ones

Covert video surveillance

Investigations and inquiries into criminal and civil matters

Security service

All kinds of security

Armed personal protection

Alarm activation, nationwide

Gate and reception services

Property security and plant security

Event services (doormen, cloakroom, driver service, catering)

Department store detectives (smugglers, trust testers, mystery shoppers, test thieves)

Education and training

Training to become a service worker / specialist and a master for protection and security

Retraining to become a security guard in trade and certified protection and security guard

Seminars on occupational safety, fire protection, first aiders, anti-theft measures, IT safety

Creation of security analyzes, security consulting

Budo sport in your own dojo

only for members of security companies or at seminars

Consulting, sales and installation of security technology

e.g. Bublitz alarm systems and ABUS products

Municipal services

i.a. City, park and sea strips
Municipal traffic monitoring (KVÜ)