Decorative lights like fairy lights - set accents with Mömax
Whether retro light bulb, LED light strip or light chain - creative decorative lights are not suitable as direct lighting, but provide a soft lighting mood to feel good. In addition to vintage-look light bulbs, indirectly illuminated cupboards and glass showcases with under-cabinet lights are also very much in vogue. Well, curious now?
Light chains, light strips & LED strips
LED strips, light strips and light chains are particularly versatile: on stairs, in hallways, in kitchen cabinets or in the bathroom. And if there is no power outlet available, the decorative lights are also available with flexible battery operation.
Creative lighting elements & motif lights
Whether as Christmas lighting or for any other day: decorative lighting elements are available in different sizes, shapes, colours or motifs and offer the right look for every taste.
From surface-mounted to under-cabinet luminaires
Open the cupboard, put the light in - or up - light on! With under-cabinet luminaires, surface-mounted luminaires and glass shelf lighting, you can turn your cabinets and display cases into surprising eye-catchers.