Das Porzellanhaus

Franz Porcelain is a young porcelain manufacturer from Nuremberg, which is completely dedicated to porcelain art. Since 2002, Franz, under the direction of company founder Francis Chen, has been producing porcelain art objects of the highest quality in perfect craftsmanship. Using the latest technology as well as the traditional knowledge and values ​​of porcelain production in China, the motherland of China, Franz Porcelain produces art that is internationally recognized and honored with prizes.
The motifs of the Franz Porcelain Collection in our Franz Porcelain Shop frog, swan, ladybird and bamboo bird are inspired by the beauty of nature and try to do it justice.
Franz porcelain spoons, cups & saucers are pure porcelain art. All components of the individual Franz Porcelain collections are carefully handcrafted from the finest Chinese porcelain and painted. In this way, unique porcelain works of art are created that strive to combine classic Far Eastern values ​​of beauty and harmony with those of the West. In this way, Franz Porcelain creates porcelain art that is recognized worldwide and honored with awards.
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