Virtual fairs and exhibitions as the only alternative!

Due to the corona virus, many physical measurements have been canceled. Many thousands of exhibitors are affected. Virtual trade fairs have always been a perfect, CO2-neutral add-on to the real trade fair and right now virtual trade fairs are a real alternative for every canceled trade fair. We are prepared for your request and can quickly and easily replace your canceled event, event or trade fair virtually.
Every exhibitor should now react quickly and with and a virtual exhibition presence here, choose the only right alternative to their unusual exhibition!
For a large number of international trade fairs in March and April 2020, the organizers, in coordination with the exhibiting industry, have decided to postpone dates to autumn 2020 or 2021. Some annual trade fairs will not take place this year, but will only take place at the next regular date in 2021.
Do not hesitate now and bring the planned booth to the virtual level with a booth on to avoid losses!